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Sexual harassment still an all-too-real problem in Canadian business

July 19th, 2018 General News, Respect in the Workplace

Yahoo News

2,000 Canadians surveyed by Navigator in February (2018), over one third of female respondents said they had been sexually harassed at work. 12 per cent of men said they had been sexually harassed at work. Another report, this time conducted by the Gandolf Group, showed that 94 per cent of executives think sexual harassment is not a problem, and four in five Canadians said they had “unwanted experiences at work, and didn’t report it to their employers.” MORE

Respect Group est extêmement fière d’annoncer sa certification officielle B Corp™

July 4th, 2018 articles en français

Pour être accréditées, les sociétés doivent entreprendre un processus de demande rigoureux qui exige des réponses détaillées et une justification à l’appui de 161 questions clés. Les critères comprennent;

  • la preuve d’amélioration de la qualité de vie dans leur communauté
  • la preuve des résultats éducatifs positifs des solutions d’apprentissage offertes.
  • la preuve de participation à des causes charitables qui dépasse les normes de l’industrie
  • la preuve de la qualité supérieure des emplois et des avantages sociaux qui dépassent les normes de l’industrie
  • la preuve d’une formation en diversité et inclusion
  • la transparence financière et opérationnelle avec divulgation complète
  • la réponse aux exigences légales


Il y a plus de 2512 organisations accréditées B Corp dans le monde et 235 au Canada. Le chemin pour devenir une entreprise B Corp a été long et ardu, mais nous étions convaincus que ce processus était une étape critique pour nos 30 professionnels et plus de 600 partenaires/clients : gouvernements, universités, entreprises privées, écoles, organisations sportives et de jeunesse.

Nous sommes en affaires depuis 14 ans, mais pour nous, cette période ne suffit pas.

La crédibilité, la responsabilisation et nos valeurs, à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur de notre milieu de travail, sont nos priorités. 

Le maintien de la certification B Corp est un processus continu mais, pendant un moment, nous avons voulu faire une pause, être fiers et reconnaissants pour chacun d’entre vous qui nous ont démontré leur confiance.
Cette réalisation représente le meilleur d’une collaboration d’affaires …..Merci!


Pour en savoir plus sur B Corp, visitez:


Respect Group is Officially Certified As A B Corp!

July 4th, 2018 General News

Respect Group is extremely PROUD to announce that we are officially certified as a B Corp™!

To become accredited, corporations must undertake a rigorous application process that requires detailed responses and supporting justification to 161 key questions. Criteria includes;

  • proof of improving the quality of life in their community
  • proof of positive educational outcomes from learning products offered
  • proof of a formal charitable “designed to give” process that exceeds industry norms
  • proof of providing higher quality jobs/employee benefits that exceed industry norms
  • proof of providing diversity and inclusion training financial and operational transparency with complete disclosures
  • meeting legal requirements


There are over 2512 accredited B Corps world-wide and 235 in Canada. Becoming a B Corp has been a lengthy and arduous pursuit, but one that we felt was critical for our team of over 30 professionals and our +600 valued partners/customers that include governments, universities, private enterprise, schools, sport and youth serving organizations.

We’ve been here for 14 years however, time in business (for us), is not enough.

Credibility, accountability and our values, inside and outside of our workplace are what matter most.

Remaining B Corp certified is an ongoing process but, for a moment, we wanted to pause, be proud and be grateful for each of you who have put your trust in us. This achievement represents the very best in business collaboration….Thank You!


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Former NHLer, sex abuse survivor Sheldon Kennedy applauds new rule that makes reporting abuse in sports a priority

July 4th, 2018 General News, Respect in Sport, Sheldon Kennedy
The Star

CALGARY—Former NHL hockey player and sex abuse survivor Sheldon Kennedy says that a recent federal announcement requiring sports bodies to report and investigate abuse allegations is a constructive step toward child and youth safety.

On June 19, sport minister Kirsty Duncan announced the new requirement. National sports bodies that receive federal money “must immediately disclose any incident of abuse, discrimination or harassment to the Minister of Sport,” she said……

…Hockey Calgary executive director Kevin Kobelka is also supportive of the announcement.

The minor hockey association he helps manage covers male and female hockey players from the Timbits age group (four and five years old) up to junior-B hockey (16 to 21 years old).

“(We) were the first organization to implement Respect in Sport since 2010,” he said. “Hockey Alberta followed suit and mandated its training after.”

The training program is part of a larger group co-founded by Kennedy called Respect Group Inc. Its goal is to empower people in sports to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination.

The Calgary hockey association requires all coaches to take Respect in Sport’s training program and, starting this year, to get recertified every four years Kobelka said. MORE


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