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New Training For School Division Staff Will Help Build Safe And Inclusive Learning Environments

November 12th, 2019 Respect in School, Uncategorised

Today, Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant was joined in Regina by Respect Group Co-founder Sheldon Kennedy, to announce the new Respect in School training for teachers, school staff and volunteers.  The training, which will be available in a few weeks, is being offered at no cost to all school divisions, First Nation education authorities and independent schools.

“We are happy to partner with Respect Group to make this valuable training available to all school staff in Saskatchewan,” Wyant said.  “We understand the importance of ensuring safe and welcoming learning environments for everyone, and this training will further support the adult leaders in our schools to better understand and act on complex issues.”

The Ministry of Education is partnering with Respect Group to deliver the 90-minute online personal development training course.  The training will be available over the next two years and includes content on preventing, identifying, responding to and reporting incidents of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination in schools.

“We are so grateful for the leadership that Saskatchewan continues to demonstrate when it comes to the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination,” Kennedy said.  “Respect in School will give school leaders the confidence to step up and step in when situations arise and help create safe and respectful learning environments for all students.”

“The safety and well-being of students is always a priority for school boards,” Saskatchewan School Boards Association President Dr. Shawn Davidson said.  “School division employees and our communities work hard every day to create safe and caring environments for our students and we as school boards are welcoming of additional supports being made available.”

This training is part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s commitment to ensuring schools are safe and inclusive environments for all students and staff.


For more information, contact:

Dale Hunter
Phone: 306-787-9501
Cell: 306-529-9207

Respect Group and Workplace Fairness Action Summit: The Intersection of Psychological Health & Safety and Civility & Respect

October 24th, 2019 Respect in the Workplace, Uncategorised




Is your organization at a loss as how to address psychological health and safety or challenged with Alberta’s new Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) code?  We are bringing support.  Join us for the day to get insight into this complex issue and take away real tools you can immediately apply in your workplace.   This Action Summit will examine the intersection of Psychological Health and Safety and Civility & Respect.

Sessions will benefit Senior HR Professionals, Senior Occupational Health and Safety Professionals, and those leading Municipalities, Businesses, Unions, Educational Institutions and Non profits.

By attending you will:

  • Understand what your duty is as an employer to address the OHS issues and their impact on psychological health and safety.
  • Walk away with a road map of what your organization needs to do to create or improve upon a psychologically healthy workplace
  • Receive compliance and risk reduction ideas and solutions that can be easily implemented within your organization.
  • Be able to build a business case, determine your organizations return on investment and successfully position the importance and value within your organization
  • Hear from other leading organizations as they share their experiences regarding challenges and successes in creating psychologically health workplaces.


More details on the day including a full agenda can be found here:



Saskatchewan Leading The Way With Safe Sport Campaign

October 8th, 2019 Activity Leaders, Respect in Sport, Uncategorised

Released on October 7, 2019

The Government of Saskatchewan and Sask Sport Inc., have teamed up to launch a joint marketing campaign to increase awareness on the tools and resources available to assist coaches, athletes and parents on bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination in sport.

“Ensuring a healthy, safe and respectful environment for all participants in amateur sport across our province is a priority,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said. “Thanks to the dedication of Sask Sport and the provincial sport organizations, coaches, parents and athletes, this campaign compliments the hard work already underway.”

The marketing campaign will increase awareness and use of important resources, contacts and training available online, such as the Respect Resource Line. Expert staff provide information, bilingual support, resources and referrals pertaining to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination in sport by phone, text or email.

This confidential and anonymous resource is intended to assist coaches, athletes and parents in determining the most appropriate course of action. This campaign would not be possible without Sask Sport and their members, considered leaders across Canada with their dispute resolution policies, services and tools. Sask Sport includes the Respect Resource Line and the Respect in Sport online training programs for coaches and activity leaders.

“Sask Sport thanks the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, our member organizations and the many partners who have actively worked with us over the past 20 years to provide good governance practices and policies that reduce the risk of conflicts and disputes in sport,” Sask Sport Inc. volunteer Board Chair Kenric Exner said. “This effort has created a strong foundation for helping to prevent, identify and effectively deal with bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination, and we are eager to share the important resources and information in order to continue to help keep sport safe, healthy and fun in Saskatchewan.”

“We are so proud of our partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan and Sask Sport,” Respect Group Co-Founder Sheldon Kennedy said. “Training programs are only successful when organizations make them a priority. Kudos to Sask Sport and the sport leaders they serve.”

In addition, the campaign supports Sask Sport and their members in the promotion of resources to ensure more coaches are trained in current safe sport best practices.

For more information on the various sport resources, contacts and training, visit


For more information, contact:

Jamie Toth
Parks, Culture and Sport
Phone: 306-787-3506
Cell: 306-527-8152

Leah Laxdal
Sask Sport Inc.
Phone: 306-975-0871

Hockey parents get much-needed training: Editorial

February 28th, 2018 Parents, Respect in Sport, Uncategorised

The Star

Sept 26, 2016

Hockey parents get much-needed training: Editorial

If you’ve ever been to a junior hockey game, you’ve likely encountered an example of the Raging Puckhead, a troubling class of hockey parent. If not, type “bad hockey parent” into YouTube and behold the horror show. These moms and dads, a small minority in the seats, will obnoxiously scream their displeasure at a player’s performance, a referee’s call or, most commonly, a coach’s failure to give their child ice time, evidently forgetting that they are watching kids playing a game. See the full article: MORE

Michelle Hauser: Parents need to resist the urge to push their kids too hard in sports

February 8th, 2018 Parents, Respect in Sport, Uncategorised

National Post

August 17, 2016

Michelle Hauser: Parents need to resist the urge to push their kids too hard in sports


3 questions parents should ask about their child’s coach

November 28th, 2017 Uncategorised

Deidra Dionne · for CBC Sports · 


3 questions parents should ask about their child’s coach

Sport should be a safe place for athletes of all ages. The lessons learned are meant to be technical, physical and character-building, not traumatizing. But the recent sexual assault cases involving former U.S. gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar and former Canadian alpine ski coach Bertrand Charest have left many parents like me wondering: what are we doing to ensure sport is a safe place for our children? The CEO of the Coaching Association of Canada, Lorraine ​Lafrenière, has worked toward establishing a common set of rules for all sports to follow. MORE

Le coût ahurissant du harcèlement sexuel au travail

November 23rd, 2017 Uncategorised

Le coût ahurissant du harcèlement sexuel au travail

#MoiAussi, #BalanceTonPorc,… L’heure est au Grand Déballage, et c’est tant mieux. Oui, c’est tant mieux, car il est révoltant que le harcèlement sexuel ait été si longtemps toléré, en particulier au travail. C’est que ces agissements ignominieux sont inacceptables non seulement – c’est évident – d’un point de vue moral, mais aussi – et ça, c’est moins connu – d’un point de vue… économique. Explication. plus

Bill Brooks: Calgary Business Leaders are tops

July 29th, 2017 General News, Sheldon Kennedy, Uncategorised

Bill Brooks: Calgary Business Leaders are tops


Being an exceptional business leader is no small feat. Challenges galore test the mettle of myriad businesses whether its the carbon tax, increases in the minimum wage, or shameful federal and provincial government ‘business averse’ polices, it’s indeed tougher than ever to make a buck. MORE

Workplace Safety Prevention Services

February 24th, 2016 Respect in the Workplace, Uncategorised


WSPS Teaming Up to Inspire Cultures of Respect Everywhere


It’s About Respect: An Interview With Sheldon Kennedy On Respect Group Training

February 18th, 2016 Activity Leaders, Respect in Sport, Sheldon Kennedy, Uncategorised

It’s About Respect: An Interview With Sheldon Kennedy On Respect Group Training



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