Why is Respect Group a "for profit" organization?

Good question and 3 simple answers;

First, and foremost, we are a technology company. Sometimes people confuse us with just being experts in bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination. Although this is true, our focus is the DELIVERY of that content. E-learning was unproven and seen as a risk back in 2004 when we started down this path. So, we had to operate just like any other IT corporation, there were no hand-outs.

Second, our philosophy is that, to succeed as a service/delivery provider our number one priority is our customer. Sometimes, not-for-profit organizations have to satisfy their funders to sustain their income and can lose sight of their end-users. It’s tough to keep “the doors open” either way but we’d rather have our customers make that decision!

Third, by being a corporation, we have full latitude to treat our employees, the environment and our community in a way that supports our corporate values. That is why we are proud to be an accredited B Corp. A rigorous process, yes, but well worth it. This designation sets us apart from just any company and, among many other things, keeps us driven to do things like giving-back +10% of our annual revenues to Canadian not-for-profit organizations. Funny how that works!

Respect Group Inc's Gender Equity Policy

Respect Group Inc. is committed to the achievement of gender equity and recognizes the importance of measuring all activities against the values of equity, access, and respect. We define gender equity as a process of allocating resources, opportunities, and entitlements fairly to all staff members without any discrimination based on gender. Respect Group Inc. has the right, as well as the legal and moral responsibility, to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, equitably, and respectfully, in order to provide a working environment that is free from harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. The intent and objective of this policy is to foster a fully equitable work environment, and to lead by example in practicing the very principles of respect we so steadfastly promote in our programs and in all we do.

How Do I Access the Program?

Each organization has their own specific web address to access the program. Certain organizations utilize more than one Respect Group program. Please contact your organization to ensure you are registering for the correct program and at the proper web address.

Can I Complete the Program On My iPhone, iPad, Android or Other Mobile Device?

Yes. Using the browser on your device, Respect Group programs may be completed on virtually any modern mobile device.

Mobile Apps–which allow for the completion of Respect Group programs when not connected to the Internet–are available through the App Store and Google Play.

Do I Need To Be Connected To The Internet To Complete The Program?

No. Mobile Apps, which allow for the completion of Respect Group programs when not connected to the Internet are available through the App Store and Google Play.

I Need Assistance. Is A Helpdesk Available?

Respect Group offers fully bilingual Helpdesk Support 7 days a week from 6 AM to Midnight MST.

On the login page of your Respect Group Program you will see Helpdesk Support in the lower left-hand corner. Click there to see brief troubleshooting steps or how to contact the Helpdesk.


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Respect Group offers 24/7 bilingual helpdesk support.

To Assist our Helpdesk, we request you access the URL of the program where you are experiencing difficulty.

When viewing the program URL, you will see a link for Helpdesk Support in the lower left-hand corner . Click on this link to see brief troubleshooting steps or contact the Helpdesk.