Respect in the Workplace was developed to provide organizations, of all sizes, with a standard, cost-effective tool to empower your team with the skills to prevent bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).

We like to think it’s about improving culture, first and foremost. The secondary benefit is organizational risk and liability reduction.

On January 1, 2021, Bill C-65, Canada’s new Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Regulations for all federally regulated organizations and industries came into effect.

Employers can be held legally responsible for BAHD. If they cannot prove they have instituted all “reasonable measures” to prevent these occurrences from happening, they may find themselves facing serious financial and legal consequences.

Traditional training methods are typically offered only to upper management or through internal “Train the Trainer” workshops. These can be expensive, impractical and do not guarantee that everyone receives the same training, regardless of level. Respect in the Workplace sets a standard and improves culture by ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Why Respect in the Workplace?

Workplace Statistics


In order to cope with harassment and a toxic work environment, employees will take twice as much sick time.

  • Estimated Cost of Absenteeism to the Canadian Economy (Billions)
3 in 10 Canadians say they work in environments that are not psychologically safe and healthy.
Nearly half of Canadians report having experienced one or more acts of workplace harassment at least once a week for the last six months.
50% of workplace harassment victims suffer mental health-related problems.
56% of Canadian employers say the continuous rise in employees’ mental health claims is a top concern.

Respect in the Workplace – See What the Buzz is About

Program Elements

The Respect Platform Advantage

What Our Clients Have To Say

Respect in the Workplace eLearning is an excellent program. It is easy to use and contains up to date information and scenarios for employees to work through.

The eLearning concept is also a feasible option for our geographically diverse workforce, as they manage the time they take the course while balancing their workload and they can refer back to the materials when needed.

Overall, 96% of our employees felt this course was valuable and we will continue to promote its use within Alberta Human Services.

David Morhart
Deputy Minister, Alberta Human Services

It’s important to us that respect be a cornerstone of our business, so when internal survey results did not meet our high standards in the area of respect, we acted by implementing Respect in the Workplace.

Since implementing the program, we saw a significant improvement in our survey results and we continue to use the program as an onboarding tool for every new employee.

We’re very proud to have implemented the program, and recommend that others do the same!

Bill Borger
President, Borger Construction

Canadian Western Bank Group launched Respect in the Workplace out to our organization and has experienced very positive feedback and increased awareness through the process.

In just under six months, 1,642 of our employees have certified in this training with 96% indicating the program was easy to use. After completing the program, 95% felt it would help them be a more respectful employee and co-worker and 96% felt better equipped to identify and respond to incidents of discrimination, harassment and bullying. These are
amazing results.

On behalf of Canadian Western Bank, I highly recommend the program to other organizations.

Greg Sprung
Executive Vice-President, Canadian Western Bank


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