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Respect Group Website/Program Privacy Policy

Last updated October 9, 2020


At Respect Group Inc. (“RGI”) we appreciate the importance of information and privacy, and respect the privacy of our stakeholders, employees, clients, customers, and website visitors…. just like we expect them to respect ours.


Privacy of your personal information is an essential element of the business we conduct. The range of products and services we offer continues to expand and the technology we use continues to change. No matter how business or technology changes, we strive to protect the privacy of your personal information.

Federal privacy legislation in Canada governs the collection of personal information used for any commercial activity through as act referred to as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Respect Group adheres to all aspects of PIPEDA in the operation of this website and its programs.


The European Union has enacted new privacy information regulations that apply to all European Union citizens, residing in or out of the EU. The EU’s new regulations are the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). RGI’s privacy policy has been adapted to ensure we maintain full compliance with the GDPR.

Please read the following to learn what information we collect from you and how we use that information. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us.


Protecting Privacy Means:


  • We utilize the information you provide exclusively for the purposes identified in this policy.
  • We do our utmost to keep your personal information in strict confidence.
  • You have control over your information and have access to it.
  • We respect privacy when we market our products and services and do not divulge any personally identifiable user information in these pursuits.

Why We Need Information and How We Use It


RGI only collects personally identifiable information when you willingly provide it for the purposes of completing an RGI program, whether created for Respect Group Inc. directly or a client A minimum amount of information is required to facilitate the completion of the program(s). RGI, through this policy, identifies the purpose for collecting personal information and will not use it for alternative purposes without your consent or as required by law.


During registration, RGI collects personal information to enable you to complete the program(s) and satisfy the requirements of the organization(s) for which the program has been provided. The standard information collected is First Name, Last Name and Email Address, a username and password, and a security question and answer used for username/password/certificate recovery. The organization requesting you complete the program may require we collect additional information to facilitate matching profiles with their database and request we include other registration items such as Date of Birth. If the client organization has requested extra fields for completion, some may be mandatory and others optional. Mandatory fields are identified by a red *.



The personally identifiable information we collect is used to:

  • Uniquely identify the user registering in the RGI system for the purpose of completing the specific program(s)
  • Identify the user with the organization implementing the program(s)
  • Verify the user’s program status and/or certification. This information will be made accessible to the organization(s) implementing the program or third-party organization(s) that require confirmation of the program certification. Third-party organizations include national and/or provincial governing sports agencies and funding bodies (not including corporate sponsors), or corporate parents of client organizations. RGI will not disclose information to unrelated third parties.
  • Information from sport specific implementations of this program may also be provided to the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). This information will subsequently be used to update your NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) profile in The Locker.

Additional personal information may also be collected during the process of a user’s request for technical support. Additional personal information may include items such as an email address, telephone number, and specific computer details required to provide a resolution to the request.


RGI only discloses personal information to those individuals, groups or organizations that require it to confirm progress in, or completion of a program. RGI does not disclose personally identifiable information to any organization(s) other than the organization(s) requesting you, the user, complete the program or third-party organizations as identified above.


RGI may from time to time, engage the services of various third parties to assist in providing various technical business services or functions.  These third parties, as a function of this service, may have access to personal information. Third parties engaged by RGI may be in Canada, the United States, and other countries. All third parties are contractually obligated to abide by RGI’s Privacy Policy and Internal Data Protection and Security Policy and are prohibited from utilizing personal information for any reason.


RGI may also collect, use, disclose and have custody of personal information because a client has elected to do business with us or have us conduct business services or transactions on their behalf. Those cases might include us processing or administering information and record keeping associated with these activities. In those circumstances, we act as instructed by the organization retaining us and as required by law and practice.


Electronic Information


You can visit the RGI website to learn more about our company and the services we offer or simply to gather information, and you can do that without disclosing your personal information.


If you choose to provide us with information about yourself, we will act in a responsible manner. We may store and disclose personal information as allowed or required by applicable law, including making disclosures that are necessary or advisable to (a) protect the rights, safety or property of RGI or others and (b) to conform to legal or regulatory requirements.


We sometimes collect or authorize third parties in Canada, the United States, or other countries, to collect anonymous information from visits to our website to help us provide better customer service. For example, automated tools may gather technical information like your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) of the website you visited before visiting our website and of the website you visit after leaving our website, and the type of browser you are using. We collect this information for statistical purposes, to troubleshoot and administer the website, for evaluating and analyzing trends, gathering demographic information, complying with applicable laws, and cooperating with law enforcement activities. The aggregated statistical data helps measure visitor activity on our website and make our website more useful to visitors — but we do it in ways that keep the information anonymous.




All Respect Group Inc. personnel are required to sign a Data Protection and Security Document when they start with the organization. All personnel may only gain access to personal information if required in the course of their legitimate duties, and they are obligated to respect and safeguard the personal information they encounter as private and confidential and as required by law.




Respect Group will only communicate with you for the purposes of notifying you of your status in the program(s), or, if the organization who requested you complete the program is requiring re-certification in the program(s).


Sharing Information


Personal information about you is only disclosed to the organization that requested you complete the program, that organization’s governing body or parent corporation.  RGI does not share, sell, lease rent, or otherwise make personally identifiable information available to any unrelated organizations.

There are some exceptions to the above rule. For example, we may collect, use and disclose information if we:


Use an outside company to process information
At times, we may use the expertise of an outside company or individual to do work involving some personal information. When we do, we select the company carefully and confirm that it uses standards comparable to ours, regardless whether they are in Canada, the United States or elsewhere in the world. Should a company ever be engaged in this manner, they will be contractually obligated to agree to and adhere to RGI’s privacy policy regulations as outlined in this document.


Must disclose information for legal reasons
We may be compelled to release information by legislation, a court of law, to a regulatory authority, a successor trustee, or as part of a sale or reorganization of our business. If so, our policy is to release information only to the extent that we have to.


Have to protect the interests of RGI
In certain circumstances, RGI may have to collect, use, or release information for our protection; for example, in collecting accounts or in the detection or prevention of fraud.


Personal information may also be transferred to another company, including an RGI affiliate, in the event of a change of ownership of all or part of RGI through an asset or share sale, or some other form of business combination, merger, joint venture or winding up. This will occur only if the parties have entered into an agreement under which the collection, use and disclosure of the information is restricted to those purposes that relate to the business transaction, including a determination whether or not to proceed with the business transaction, and is to be used by the parties exclusively to carry out and complete the business transaction.





We will only use personal information with consent.

Consent can be express or implied. By agreeing to this policy, you are providing Express Consent to use your information for the purposes of completing this program(s) and for advising the organization, or their parent organization, requesting you complete the program(s) about your certification.


Consent is implied when we can reasonably conclude that you have given consent by an action you have taken or not taken, or where the context reasonably requires that we have and use information to carry out what you have asked us to do.


You can withdraw your consent any time after you have given it to us, provided there are no legal requirements to prevent this. If you withdraw consent, we might not be able to provide a particular product or service and may be required to remove certification records. In this case, we will explain the situation to you to help you with your decision. This will result in the loss of all records of program completion. If you elect to withdraw consent, there is no recovery. In order to receive certification recognition again, you will have to complete the program as a new user. No program refunds are provided if consent is revoked. Payment for program re-access will be required.


The Right to be Forgotten


As a function of the EU General Data Protection Regulations, citizens of the European Union residing in this database have “The Right to be Forgotten”. Should you request to have your data removed from RGI systems, this will also remove all program progression and certification information from our database and that of the client organization. This will result in the loss of all records of program completion. If you elect to exercise this right, there is no recovery. In order to receive certification recognition again, you will have to complete the program as a new user. No program refunds are provided if the Right to be Forgotten is exercised and if registering as a new user, payment for program re-access will again be required.


We Protect Your Information From Error, Loss, And Unauthorized Access


This Privacy Policy addresses the use and disclosure of information that we collect from you on and the various subdomains utilized to provide RGI programs as well as programs at,, and We have implemented people, processes, and technology measures intended to protect personal data that we have while it is under our control. Note: Respect Group Inc. does not collect end-user date during registration for All end-user information utilized to administer the delivery of programs at is provided through an automated connection between RGI and Hockey Canada.

Other websites may be accessible through this website, and we urge you to review the website privacy policies of those third-party websites. We have no way of controlling third parties, and cannot be responsible for the actions, negligence, or failures of others, whether or not that affects you or information about you. We do, seek to ascertain that third parties we deal with have data protection and privacy policies and procedures in place that are comparable to our own.

Our employees and personnel who have access to personal information are made aware that it is confidential and must certify regularly that they maintain the confidentiality of information to which they have access. Our computer security specialists build security into all our computer and electronic communication systems. These measures are intended to protect personal information while it is stored in data files and when employees and authorized personnel are using it. RGI employs numerous systems and protocols to protect personal information in our care.


There are Limits


Absolute confidentiality and security of any information entered into any site on the Internet cannot be guaranteed. All Internet sites and Internet communication are potentially subject to interception, alteration and loss. Respect Group Inc. has taken great care to ensure all personal information is collected and held securely. All users of websites and programs operated by Respect Group Inc. must agree that Respect Group Inc. and its partners shall not be held responsible for damages suffered by the interception and Internet transmission of personal and/or confidential information entered into the programs’ registration systems.


All users of websites and programs operated by Respect Group Inc. further agree and acknowledge Respect Group Inc., its’ owners, partners and employees shall not be held responsible for the manner in which personal and/or confidential information collected through the registration system is used by organizations who have contracted Respect Group Inc. to provide the program.


Your Information Is Destroyed When It Is No Longer Needed


We keep your information only as long as we need it for the products and services we’ve been hired to deliver or to meet legal requirements. When your information is no longer needed and there is no lawful requirement to keep it any longer, we use our best efforts to either destroy it or render it anonymous; however, we periodically back up information as part of our normal business processes, so it might be impossible for us to completely delete all of your information. RGI’s Policy on Data Retention stipulates that proprietary user data for any profile that has not been accessed by the end-user for a period of 15 years is automatically removed.


Access To and Accuracy Of Personal Information


Respect Group Inc. recognizes the importance of ensuring your personal information is accurate. You may check your information to verify, update, and correct it, but we cannot. We encourage you to promptly update your personally identifiable information if it changes. You may update and maintain your information via the Profile page of each program website.


To find out if we have personal information about you, or if you feel information about you has been misused, mishandled, or inaccurately gathered, please contact us. To be certain we’re only releasing your personal information to you, we might require proof of your identity before providing a copy of personal data that we have about you. We may refuse to provide a copy of your personal data and will give reasons for such a refusal; but you may challenge our decision to refuse to provide you with a copy of your personal information.


You may challenge the accuracy of the data that we have about you, and you may request the information be changed, updated or completed. You are encouraged to maintain and update your personal records via the profile page of the program websites.


You Can Find Out To Whom Information Is Given


If you ask, we will let you know the names of outside companies or organizations we’ve given your information to. This will not include information given to outside companies used to do work for us, such as technical service providers. It also will not include disclosures to the Canada Revenue Agency or where we are prohibited by law from advising the individual of the disclosure.


We Respond To Requests Promptly


We will deal promptly with your request to see your information. Typically requests of this nature are accommodated within 1 business day but will be addressed within 7 business days. If we need to extend the time, or we have to refuse the request, we will tell you why (subject to any legal restrictions) and advise you of the reasons for the extension and your rights under applicable legislation with respect to the extension.


We Correct the Information


Whenever possible, we will correct any information we may have given to any other organization. If we have received information about you from another party, we will let you know the name and address of the party so that you can ask them to correct it.


We Protect Other People’s Privacy When We Make Information Available to You


There may be files that include information about you and other people which is confidential to RGI or our corporate clients, or which is the property of RGI or such clients. Because we value everyone’s confidentiality and legal rights, we cannot make these files available outside of RGI or our related companies. In cases where we can separate your information from the information of others without affecting another’s confidentiality or legal rights, we will make available to you the information contained in the files about you.


We Use Cookies


Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive by web servers. These are used by organizations to identify users returning to a site and to store personal preferences, shopping cart information, registration information, etc. Since cookies are simple text files, they cannot contain or transmit viruses.

Respect Group Inc. programs use what are known as “session cookies”. This type of cookie is automatically deleted from your computer when your Internet browser is closed. No personal information is used by these cookies.


All users have the right and ability to modify their own Internet Browser security settings to “Not Accept” or “warn in advance” of receiving cookies of any form. Please note that restricting cookies may inhibit your ability to participate in the program curriculum.


We Monitor Our Compliance With Respect Group Inc.’s Privacy Policies


We have procedures in place to assist our personnel in the practice of our information protection and privacy policies. We monitor adherence to these policies and report any findings to a management committee for attention and resolution.


We Are Committed To Upholding RGI Policies


If there are any questions or complaints about our privacy policies, or about our living up to them, let us know right away.




Resolving Concerns Is Important To Us


RGI is committed to providing the highest level of service. That includes treating everyone with the greatest respect and consideration. Despite our best efforts, though, some things do not happen as you or we would want them to — whether it is a misunderstanding, or someone feels they were treated unjustly. Whatever the circumstances, resolving the problem is our primary concern.


How to Contact Us


Any questions, requests or concerns regarding our policies or procedures on personal information can be directed to our Privacy Officer by any of the following means.

By Email –


By Mail

Respect Group Inc.
8-540 21st Ave SW,

Calgary, AB

T2S 0H1


We may ask for further documentation or information in order to verify your identity when you make your request.


Notification of changes


We may change this policy from time to time and, if we do, the updated version will be posted on our website and through the profile page of each program website.


­Items Updated Sept. 28, 2020

  • Under the heading “Why We Need Information and How We Use It”: Language added clarifying that some projects created by Respect Group Inc. are done so under contract for client and/or partner organizations, and adding to the information end-users enter during registration to include User and Security information.
  • Under the heading “Sharing Information”: Adds the stipulation that any third-party service that may be engaged to assist RGI in processing information will be required to agree and adhere to RGI’s policies.
  • Under the heading “We Protect Your Information from Error, Loss and Unauthorized Access”: Adds in additional domains that Respect Group administers and/or creates programs for which are also governed by this policy.
  • Under the heading “Your Information Is Destroyed When No Longer Needed”: Provides a period of time for data retention beyond last access of the profile by the end-user.





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