University of Regina Launches UR Respect Program with Respect Group

October 29th, 2018 Press Releases, Respect in the Workplace

University of Regina Press Release:

“I believe that universities – and OUR University in particular – should not simply reflect the society in which we live. Rather, universities should be a reflection of the society in which we WANT to live – a society that is free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, and incivility.
As an educational institution devoted to sharing knowledge and serving the public, we have a responsibility – and a tremendous opportunity – to be leaders in our community.

That is a commitment we have made collectively through our strategic plan, peyak aski kikawinaw, and it is a commitment that begins with each of us as individuals.
All of us want to live, work, study and socialize in the healthiest, safest and most supportive environment possible, and the UR Respect program is an important means of fostering such an environment on our campus.


By participating in the program, all of us are building on the tradition of respect and concern for others that has helped define the University of Regina for the past four decades.
Perhaps more importantly, however, our participation is a commitment to the future – a future in which all faculty members, staff, students, and visitors to our University feel as if they are welcomed, respected, and valued for who they are.

That commitment goes far beyond the borders of our University, and deep into the society in which we live – and indeed WANT to live.

I firmly believe that the values of respect, civility, compassion and understanding that we demonstrate, promote and uphold at the University of Regina will always find their counterparts in the world around us.

By educating ourselves and holding true to these values in all aspects of our lives, we can set a powerful example for others and make a positive impact in our communities.

On behalf of the University of Regina and the communities we serve, thank you for participating in the UR Respect program.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Vianne Timmons
President and Vice-Chancellor


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