Commemorating the Skate, 22 years ago today!

May 29th, 2020 General News

We wanted to share with you a special moment in the history of Respect Group! This picture was taken 22 years ago today and marked the beginning of an important journey. A message from our co-founder Wayne McNeil as he recalled that memorable day:


“In 1998, as most of you know, Sheldon in-line skated across Canada to raise awareness of child abuse.

I was volunteering as President of his Foundation and Sheldon, as usual, was doing all the heavy lifting. This picture was from the first day of the skate (May 29, 1998) in St-John’s NFLD. The day was full of media, dipping his skate in the Atlantic, numerous special events and skating with hundreds of kids…it was exhausting.

Over dinner, the skate “logistics team” told us that there was still about 30km to go to complete the day! What the !!?? It was windy, dark and desolate but it had to be done. Sheldon laced up, I grabbed a bike and a RCMP cruiser lead the way.

There were a few “choice comments” from us both but, truth is, this journey has never been easy. To me, this marked the beginning of something very special. Had the skate not happened we would not have learned how important these issues were, the need for prevention education and Respect Group may never have come to pass!”

Wayne McNeil, Co-Founder



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