Statement on the Chicago Black Hawks Sexual Assault Scandal

October 29th, 2021 General News

“On behalf of myself and Respect Group we would like to make a formal statement in response to the Chicago Black Hawks sexual assault scandal. First and foremost, our greatest concern is for the individuals, negatively impacted by non-action. To us, this appears to be a systemic issue and can only be addressed by having EVERYONE on the same page. All stakeholders need education and the confidence to be “empowered bystanders” regardless of their role, all employees (not just players) need a safe and anonymous “whistleblower line” where they can report issues without fear of reprisal and victims need compassion and access to any supports they need. This is not new and has been our goal for the past 25 years, to build a sport culture, from grassroots on up, that puts the well-being and psychological safety of players ahead of winning.    “


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